Cemil Cem (İstanbul 1882 - İstanbul, 9 Nisan 1950)
He is the son of a military doctor, Cemal Paşa. In 1899 he was garduated from Vefa Senior High School and the same year he enlisted to the Law School during his education he worked in the prefecture Office of Foreign Affairs. After he completed his law education he was appointed to various official works of the foreign office first at Nice afterwards at Toulon. He worked as a clerc at the Embassy of Paris. He was graduated from Paris Faculty of Political Sciences. His first caricatures were published in the Kalem. He returned to İstanbul, he became a member of the magazine Kalem. Later on once again he worked in the foreign ministry in Vienna and Rome, from there he sent caricatures to Kalem. He decided to give up this profession he returned to İstanbul and continued to draw for Kalem. İn 1910 he founded his own humour magazine with his own name. In 1912 -after the defeat of the Second Balkan wars-he cosed down his magazine. He became the principal of the School of Fine Arts (Sanayi-i Nefise Mektebi) in September, between September 1921 and Mrach 1925.

In 1927 he published Cem for the second time. The main reason being his caricature on a trial disclosing the unlawfulness, on the assertion that his caricature was "pornografique "Cem was closed down in 1928. On the request of Ankara he was obliged to abstain from drawing caricatures. He was chosen as a member of the Administrative Board of Council of İstanbul. This period is a sort of retirement in seclusion; but he did not give up working he drew caricatures and oil paintings for himself. After his death his name was given to the street where his house was.

Cem was acquainted with the art of cariature when he was abroad. In this period first of all he was impressed with the important Frech caricaturists. In the beginning he was interested with caricature as a personal hobby, later on he chose it as a profession. He was specially successful in the portraits of his caricatures. The caricatures of Cem always reflected the reality and he always revealed the defects of the government in his drawings.

Album: Cem (Kalem Publication, İst., 1909) Silah ve Meşale (Haz:Turgut Çeviker, Adana Yay., İst., 1989)

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