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  Nazan Azeri

Nazan Azeri was born in Gemlik / Turkey.
1975 : She graduated from İstanbul University, Faculty of Law and following this, worked as a lawyer for 10 years.
1989 : She graduated from Marmara University's Faculty of Fine Arts' Art Department.
1996 :She earned her Master's Degree at Marmara University's Faculty of Social Sciences with her thesis: “First Women Painters in the Turkish Westernisation movement.”
2000 :She earned her Doctrate Degree at Marmara Universitys Faculty of fine Arts with her thesis: “Playfulness in Visual Arts / Renessaince, Surrealism, Dada.”
1994 – 1995 :She served as a board member of the Unesco-AIAP, UPDS. She worked on the subject of copyrights on works of art.
19979-2007 :She works as a associate proffesor in Beykent University.
She put on an exhibition titled “Metamorphosis” in the 20th Ifsak Photography Days in 2004. It is for the first time that an artist who uses photography in her works is invited to join this festival. This part was Organized by Nazan Azeri.

Solo Exhibitions

1998 : “Apples of Heaven” , Altanay Art House, Ankara
1996 : “To Play with or A Doll’s House” Natioal Gallery of Fine Arts, İstanbul.
1995 : To Settle / Not to Setle, performance, Acıbadem, İstanbul
1994 : An exhibition comrised in the 31. Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival, Antalya Museum
1994 : Ayvalık Art Gallery, Ayvalık
1993 : “The Game”, installation, Acıbadem Ancient Pavilion, İstanbul

Some Group Exhibitions

2006 : “Medicine, gender, abjection,sadizm”, Arttransponder, Berlin, Germany
2005 :’ Life and Blind fate’ Karşı Art Gallery, İstanbul
2005 :’Mystery time’ Çankaya art gallery, Ankara
2005 : The artist’s file has been exhibited at the Berliner Pool in Martin Gropius Bau-Berlin
2005 : “Dragging”, Billboard in 22. congress of the international union of architects, Istanbul
2005 : 1st Festival of Electronic Media of Rio de Janeiro, Centro Cultural Telemar, in Rio de Janeiro-RJ, Brazil
2005 : “This is for you”50 artist 50 works, Istanbul Modern arts gallery, Istanbul
2005 : “Extreme lives”, Kadife street, Istanbul
2004 : ‘Turkish Delight” - 27 april 2004’ video art Rio Museu de arte moderna RJ, Brazil
2004 : “ Methamophosis” Artists are invited by İfsak 20th İstanbul Photography Days, Darphane-i Amire, İstanbul
2003 : “Families Only” Karşı Art Group, İstanbul
2003 : “ Videoist” Kargart, Gallery X, Turkey
2003 : “The 22 nd Contemporary Artists İstanbul Exhibition” Aksanat, İstanbul
2003 : “3. Performance Days” Good, Bad, Ugly, Bilgi Üniversity, İstanbul
2003 : Asian Contemporary Art Exhibition : Parallel Time, ‘Edges of the Earth’ by Chine Academy of Art, Hangzhou-Chine
2001 : “Guests” Gallery Keramos, İstanbul
2000 : “Dream, Ego, Vision I” Galatea art gallery, İstanbul
2000 : “Dream, Ego, Vision II” Galatea art gallery, İstanbul
2000 : “References,” Yıldız Technic University, Yüksel Sabancı Center., İstanbul
2000 : “Art Fair” engraving exhibition, Marmara University, Acıbadem, İstanbul
1997 : “Habitat Exhibition”, Simurg Gallery, İstanbul
1997 : “A look inside” , AKM, İstanbul
1996-1999: ”Face to face”, I, II, III, IV İstanbul, Ankara, Cyprus
1995 : Esbank, Yunus Emre 12. Exhibition, İstanbul-Eskişehir
1995 : Contemprary Artists 16. exhibition, Museum of Painting and Sculpture, İstanbul
1994 : “Horse Art Project”, Gallery BM, İstanbul
1994 : “Fax Art Project”, Heidelberg Castle, Germany
1994 : Ayşe – Ercüment Kalmuk Foundation (prize), exhibition in Osman Hamdi Hall, İstanbul
1992 : Young Talents Exhibition, Sadberg Hanım Museum, İstanbul
1993 : Art Car Project, Borusan, İstanbul

Address: Bahariye cad. Canan sok. Azeri apt. No.51/3 kadıköy- İstanbul/Turkey
Home: +90 0216 3452290
Fax: +90 0216 3498565

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